hi. my name is christa.  i run my own business. designing stationery, wedding invitations, websites, logos and anything else you can think of on paper or the web is how i spend my days.

i am the kind of person who believes design is an everyday thing – it’s not an untouchable thing. it’s in our kitchens, how our food is plated, at the farmers market, on packaging for items we use throughout the day, vintage items that strike a cord because the design was imprinted in our minds long ago, the list goes on and on. we are touched by all of it, everyday, all day.

besides design (though i believe it goes hand in hand for me), i love thrifting – it’s probably my favorite hobby. and it’s often my inspiration for many of my designs. our house is coming together one or two found pieces at a time and is still a work in progress. probably always will be. from time to time, i buy things i don’t need or don’t go with our house. but they are so great i just can’t pass them up. to avoid over stuffing my own house beyond full – now and then some great retro items will be available in my etsy store (coming soon!).

this blog will feature design, sometimes mine, sometimes others, sometimes beautiful everyday items i come across – pretty food, lovely images from nature, neat vintage items, cool signage, anything beautiful! have something you want to share? email me at christa[at]cdesignsandillustrations[dot]com.

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